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I’m Izaya, and along with my wife, own and operate Legacy Travel AUNZ. I am from Gisborne, and started my travel journey nearly 6 years ago in Brisbane, Australia. I’ve worked as a consultant, in emergency assist roles, and I’ve also worked for wholesalers based in Norfolk Island and the Pacific. We are passionate about all things travel and are driven to send as many people as we can around the globe.

We specialise in Round-the-World and complex airfares! We are also very passionate about sport, so we’ve made a big effort to get involved and book as many sporting groups as we can. We’ve booked rowing clubs, swimming clubs, rugby clubs, golf tours, and we’re proud to help in this area!

I’ve travelled to more than 40 countries, many continents, and seen a lot of the world! I have lived in Australia, the UK, as well as Canada and the USA.