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About Nichola Edgecombe

I’m passionate about travel, but I’m especially passionate about service. Good customer service is at the forefront of everything I do. I don’t know everything about the world of travel, however if I don’t know I will find out, and clients will never find my service lacking.


How long have you been in the travel industry?:

14 years


Favourite destination & why: 

I don’t have one favorite destination but I do have a shortlist! Prague for the history, the architecture and the beautiful Christmas I had been there with my family a couple of years ago. The Maldives for the beautiful diving and stunning beaches and the memories with my Husband. Bahamas for the remoteness of where we visited on a friend's yacht, we went days without seeing anything but stunning landscapes and the diving and snorkeling was some of the best I’ve ever experienced because it was unpopulated and untouched by humans. The Galapagos was a bucket list trip for me, I’m hugely into wildlife and outdoor experiences and this trip just had everything I could’ve asked for in a destination – wildlife you could almost reach out and touch, beautiful landscapes, amazing ocean opportunities, and being on a very small boat, it was an amazing time spent away from hordes of tourists.


Do you have a specialty?

I specialised in cruise for 8 years when managing the Cruiseabout Tauranga store. If someone is looking for cruise, I will know the right cruise line, destination etc. Having done so many as well myself (14 in total), I have first-hand knowledge of quite a few cruise lines and what they can offer.



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