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Travel is one of my biggest passions in life and my clients feel this. With over 13 years in the industry I am experienced, efficient, and I take time to understand what my clients really want out of their holidays, after all, it’s your holiday - not mine!!
Over the years I am proud and grateful to have established a loyal client base.
Once you book with me, you won’t think twice about who to contact when you come to book your next adventure!

I work with corporate and leisure clients. From simple point-to-point trips, to complex Around-The-World adventures. Whether it's flights, or the full package (accommodation, travel insurance, touring, cruising, sightseeing and visas) you are in very safe hands with me.
I care deeply about my clients, and I’m with you every step of the way, from planning, to booking, pre departure checks, support while you are away, and of course once you’re home - I love hearing feedback and highlights!

Booking online can be quick and easy BUT when something goes wrong, having support from a Travel Agent can be invaluable. Over the last 15 months working in afterhours travel support, I have gained valuable experience helping travellers in their time of need - from extreme weather events, delayed/cancelled flights, COVID, the list goes on...
Sadly things can go pear shaped, and having an agent work hard to fix any issues creates peace of mind and will save you A LOT of precious time.
Agents can often build airfares that can be near impossible to find online as well, so if you're dreaming it...I may well be able to make it happen!

I have been lucky enough to explore much of the world, and have travelled in absolute luxury, as a backpacker on a tight budget, and all that’s in between. I’ve enjoyed meeting new people and the ease of travelling as part of a group tour, the thrill of waking in a new place each day on board numerous cruises, embraced the challenge of traveling on my own, and now as a mum, have slowed down the pace to travel as a family.
These experiences and my time in the travel industry leaves me full of ideas, suggestions and top tips. Whether you’re looking for remote and romantic, adventurous and exciting, pure luxury, or a cheap and easy getaway - look no further.

Where in the World, would you like to go?