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Whatever your travel dream is, we want to hear about it, because like you, we love to dream about where we might travel to next. There's something special about planning a holiday and our number one priority is to fulfill clients' dreams.

To make the most of your holiday, good planning and the backup of a solid travel professional are essential elements. We will provide you with peace of mind through a well-planned holiday with top-quality products.

The Travelsmart brand has been in operation in New Zealand since 2001 fulfilling the travel dreams of New Zealanders. Travelsmart is a retail travel brand where the travel agency owner works in the business providing you, the customer, with the satisfaction of knowing your business is valued.

You have been redirected to the Travel Managers Group website, which the Travelsmart Group is operating within, providing stability and volume purchasing across a range of travel providers, including Airlines and other wholesale partners, so it is a natural progression for the Travelsmart Group to integrate with Travel Managers Group.

You can still find the same great offers and information about the Travelsmart stores on here so you can browse around as you usually would.


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