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If you reflect over the past few years (or even over your lifetime) and think:

When have I felt the happiest, the freest, the most fulfilled? Chances are the answer will be "when I'm on holidays!" That's when you can relax, shake off the day-to-day responsibilities and let the person inside come out into the sunlight and live a little. All the structures and timetables, the chores and commitments disappear and reality sets in.

This is the real you, this feeling of freedom and ease is really what life should be all about. It's how you'd like to be and feel all the time. So, isn't it strange that we spend so much time in the harness of daily living and so little time on holidays?

Holidays are vital to life experience. They represent precious time when we can share our life fully with those who are most important to us. What's more they're especially good at helping you to cope with the workday world as issues can chrystallise and plans form as you renew your energies and spirit. And with the pace and pressures of life multiplying in leaps and bounds, that means holidays are more essential than ever! Naturally everyone deep in their hearts agrees with these sentiments - especially me.

As my valued customer, you'll know that I make it my responsiblity to give you the perfect holiday. Your holidays are superb because they are designed to be! I understand the importance of that precious time. For you to get more out, I put more in! I am constantly searching for new and beautiful locations and creating new ways to help you enjoy the holiday experience that you deserve.

My strong points as your broker are that I am compassionate, particular and have a great eye for detail. All you have to do is live more, enjoy more - holiday more!!