Japan Immersion Day Experience

Experience Auckland through a Japanese lens. Guided by Japanese New Zealanders, you will be immersed in genuine Japanese culture, food, art and language.


Traditional welcome by your Japanese hosts

‘Travellers’ are ‘transported’ into their Japanese Immersion. Yakuta & Happi dressing follows, to appreciate the simplicity and beauty of this traditional garment, plus of course the selfie and group photo-shoot.

The Worlds Best Cream Puff

Guided by our Japanese team we’re off to order and eat “The Worlds Best Cream Puffs from Japan”Next we head to Green Tea paradise, again learning how to order in Japanese at Tsujiri’s

Taiko Drumming

Experience the energy and excitement of Taiko Drumming. A fantastic bonding exercise and language opportunity following rhythm instructions

Japanese restaurant lunch experience

Visit a modern Japanese Restaurant We love their modern take on Japanese cuisine, and you’ll have a full belly and warm heart as our guides share their unique story telling. Ordering in Japanese as well as ‘behind the scenes’ demonstration. Followed by some fun calligraphy while we sample a sake … or two.

Fukuoka Gardens

The Fukuoka Gardens are great examples of the connection between Auckland and its sister cities in Japan. After a full day in the footsteps of Japan, we’ve found some hidden Japanese gems within the confines of Auckland city and bonded through genuine Japanese experiences. さようなら Goodbye!



  • Return transport from Auckland, Lunch, Sightseeing & Activities

Travel dates:
1 Nov 2020 - 31 Mar 2021

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