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Hi I am Kelly. I live in stunning Nelson, New Zealand with my two daughters.

Travel is certainly my passion! I have been in the travel industry for 11 years as a Travel Broker.

These years have been extremely rewarding to me! I love designing personal itineraries to suit my client’s requirements. Everyone has completely different needs when travelling and I understand that. I offer the experience and knowledge to make your travel most enjoyable and cost effective.

My Hometown is Nelson. My favourite city in the world is Paris as I am a bit of a romantic at heart. I have travelled to Asia, UK, USA, Europe, Fiji, Rarotonga, Noumea, Tahiti, Africa and Australia.

The most memorable travel moment was when I had a wild lion stroll past me in Africa so close that I could have touched him, MAGNIFICENT!

When you book your trip with me, may it be for business or personal travel not only will you receive professional, experienced advice you will also get 24/7 back-up while you are overseas. That in itself is priceless.

Remember "Without a Travel Broker, you are on your own".